Proofing & Property Maintenance

Not only do we fix your pest problem, we can also fix your property. 

Proofing – Gutter Clearance & Maintenance – Building Repair

Proofing & maintaining your property is the first step to preventing damage and infestation. 

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Bird Proofing

The dangers of birds:

  • Cause damage to buildings and vehicles. Droppings are often corrosive
  • Encourage insect infestations
  • Pose a health risk to humans and pets through inhalation of dusts and spreading disease.

Our team can provide a variety of bird proofing options to protect your property from solar panel proofing, to chimney protection and other areas. Solutions include mesh, spikes, bird deterrent gels (invisible from the ground level), and other systems to best suit your requirements. 

One of the most common issues people face is from Pigeons. Pigeon Guano (droppings) are corrosive and cause building damage. Dust from the guano is also dangerous to humans and animals when inhaled.

Gutter Clearance

Blocked gutters can lead to water damage and create a perfect environment for the development of mould and harbourage for insects –  which will soon cause you a problem inside your property.

Damaged building material will also create easier entry points for larger pests.

Our team offer clearance, repair, and replacement. Enquire now for a quotation.

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Building Repair

As part of an integrate pest management approach, it is often important to ensure that entry points are blocked and repaired. On occasion our team can undertake these works as an add-on service.


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