Flea infestations are most likely to be experienced by those who have pets in the house such as cats or dogs. Fleas can leap onto your pets from other pets and then into your home.

However, fleas can also be left over from previous occupants, even if the property has been vacant for a long time. 

The main nuisance of fleas is their bite which causes itching and swelling. Fleas are just about visible to the naked eye and the first sign of an infestation will usually be your pet itching, or you experiencing bites.

The most obvious sign will be your pet itching, or occupants in the property getting bitten. You may also see the fleas.

Being a professional pest control company, we have access to the best treatments to quickly eradicate your infestation. Prior to our visit, it is important that the area is thoroughly hoovered and emptied into a sealed bag outside. 

No, we cannot provide any flea treatments for pets. Please contact your vet for this service. To ensure successful eradication, and prevent reinfestation, it is important that your pets are deflead too.


WHy use fix my pests?

WHat to expect with a flea booking

You will receive a response within the day from our team who will be able to provide a quotation, and schedule a visit at a time and date to suit you. On the day of the visit, you will receive a text with a live update when the technician is on their way, and the option to track them on your phone.

When booking, you will be required to agree to our one-page Covid document. We will wear a mask and also maintain social distance at all times.

Prior to treatment, you will be required to thoroughly vacuum the property to ensure that the treatment has the best chance of success.

On arrival, our technician will thoroughly survey the property to identify the source of the infestation and the best treatment option. They will clearly explain the planned treatment and what you can expect. Follow up visits will then be scheduled.

We accept payment via cash, bank transfer or card, and all customers will be provided with an invoice, detailed treatment report, and advice.

4 steps to fix your pests

1. Get in touch

Contact us via our website, phone or email to receive your quotation.

2. Survey

Our trained technicians will survey your property to identify the cause of your infestation and the best treatment options.

3. Treat

Our team will treat your pest and let you get back to enjoying your property pest free

4. Guide

Upon completion, our team will provide advice to help prevent future infestations and keep your property protected.

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